Optimal IoT Solutions

We are a consulting business focused on the design and implementation of IoT/Telemetry solutions leveraging the latest communications technologies

We design and implement edge analytics to minimise data transmission whilst ensuring all meaningful data events are captured hence making the the most of expensive Satellite data charges 


We have extensive practical experience based on many years of providing optimised telemetry systems using Inmarsat, Globalstar, Cellular and LoRa technologies for remote IoT Use Cases.

We are a consultancy that specialises in the design and development of remote sensing solutions and optimised data transmission for Satellite connectivity.

We can provide edge solution development services for specific use cases – This is key to ensuring comms costs are minimised whilst all significant data events are delivered to the cloud systems in a timely manner

Development of mechanisms for the observation and condition analysis of remote infrastructure leading to the development of remote maintenance systems

Our Services Include

Design and implementation of Use Case specific edge based algorithms to ensure all meaningful data points are delivered in a cost effective way

Selection of the most appropriate communication technologies is used

Sourcing of the “Off the Shelf” system components wherever appropriate to ensure a cost effective solutions that dont re-invent the wheel 

Our Solutions

Our own solutions:
– Weather & Environmental monitoring
– Heat source detection
– Movement detection
– Platform for development of IoT solutions